Belt-it is a project by Nena, uniquely handcrafted leather goods
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About me


My name is Veronica but everyone calls me Nena. I was born in Italy and  currently reside in Paris.

My personal experience in fashion began 15 years ago with my little boutique-atelier in the heart of Rome, where I used to create apparel, fabric and leather bags.

That's where my passion for leather started and where I first began taking inspiration from the fashion accessories of the '70s, a style I am still in love with.

It was in Rome that I had the chance to meet the expert artisans who taught me the basics of their craft, while in Paris I have had the opportunity to continue improving my mastery in a school where, among other skills, I was taught leather hand-sewing  techniques.

I personally design each accessory and bag, and every piece in my collections is exclusively crafted from Italian leather, using only high quality material.

I guarantee that my pieces have no impact on the environment.

I usually produce unique pieces and limited edition classic items while offering a huge variety of products and materials, each with its own strong identity.